Episode 44: Dianne Ojar-Ali on living your passion!

From trying out so many different types of careers, Dianne Ojar-Ali finally landed in what she is truly passionate about, media!Sacrifice and the desire to help others, make her so successful in her industry. Listen to the key challenges people face that they can overcome to be successful in anything they do!

Episode 42: Nikki Clarke on perseverance and pushing through

Niiki Clarke has had quite an interesting upbringing, from Jamaica to Montreal to Toronto and back and forth. She has survived moving countries, discrimination and being a single mom of 3.Nikki has persevered through many good time and through hardships and shares her journey with us, giving insight on what it’s like to be in the media industry.www.thenikkiclarkenetwork.com

Episode 41: Leigh Burton on Breaking Through Your Fears

We have all had our struggles. Leigh Burton has had her own too and shares her emotional and physical issues that she has had to deal with and live with on a day to day basis.She is on a journey to help peoplebreak down the layers of their fears and overcome the obstacles that get in the way of us enjoying success in our lives.

Episode 40: Jason Reid on living your passion as a business

Jason Reid has had quite a history of education and now lives what he is passionate about. He started as a story editor for TV and is now teaching people how to speak on stage!Jason give tips on getting into this business and living your dreams.

Episode 27: Shannon Skinner on Believing in ourselves is an ongoing process

Shannon Skinner talks about growing past your fears, educating yourself and living your passions. With a strong PR business sense, and a broadcasting and speaking career, Shannon is well equipped to offer suggestions and direction in these areas of marketing and promotion. She strongly believes in having the right mentors and coaches to help you through whatever direction you desire, surrounding yourself with the right people is key. www.shannonskinner.com www.extraordinarywomentv.com

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