Episode 15: Meri Har-Gil, on Clarity & Focus and going after your dreams

MeriMeri Har-Gil, immigrant to Canada, mother of 4 children and long time wife of a fantastic husband, helped people all her life.  Whether it was back home with personal friends or in the army, or while running her Spa for 25 years, Meri was always the backbone to all around her, helping them through issues they had, somehow SHE was the magnet to go to for help!

Listen to Meri’s story as she tells us of her personal journey and where it has lead her to today, as she actively helps so many people all over the world get clarity and focus in their lives.


About the author

Randi Goodman

Randi has found her calling in the world of personal and professional growth for women and men, through the sharing of tools and resources through many mediums to help people all over the World! A mom of 4 strapping teenage boys, she has an accounting background and has run a manufacturing company at a very young age…Randi found her passion for business. Over the years she produced numerous charity Gala's, school events and personal events, also acquiring a passion for events. Years ago, Randi jumped heavily into networking and found the opportunity to merge her two passions and created some Business to Business events so she could help as many people as possible in the business world. Trained to speak on stage, Randi shares her knowledge and expertise with small business & entrepreneurs all over the world. Randi believes in community and giving back, supporting numerous charities and promoting businesses. Her expertise in networking, connecting, building relationships, building lists/databases, marketing, social media, email marketing, communicating and monetizing helps others to have more success in their businesses. She has built an incredible following on social media organically, and helps numerous people with their setup and marketing online. Randi is an international speaker, whose goal is to help as many people as possible for personal and professional growth, provide them with as much value as possible, and to enhance people’s lives, bringing them to success!

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