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Episode 5: Starting out Naked! No List, No Connections and No Marketing Budget.

By Randi Goodman / 4 years ago Play in new window | DownloadThe #1 thing you need to focus on when you are starting with nothing! An easy mistake that people make and unknowingly break the law. How to position yourself as an expert! How to make sure they remember you! Get more sales by…not selling Building a network of awesome […]


Episode 1: Alex Makarski on High-Leverage Networking

By Randi Goodman / 5 years ago Play in new window | DownloadHigh-leverage networking with Alex Makarski Learn all about: How to network successfully as an introvert The benefits of positioning yourself as a specialist, not a generalist How to network your way into an industry using professional associations An unusual way to effectively use social media How to leverage local […]