Episode 2: Success Mastery with James Dentley

podcastrandigjamesdentley005 300James Dentley, NBC University

Created over 70 millionaires

What is the importance of networking?

Creating relationships, laws of attraction!

What is the best way to accelerate your list building?

When creating a CD or ebook, how do you build your list with these tools?

How do you follow up with people that you meet?

Thanking people….

Joint ventures.

Episode 1: Alex Makarski on High-Leverage Networking

Alex Makarski podcast coverHigh-leverage networking with Alex Makarski

Learn all about:

  • How to network successfully as an introvert
  • The benefits of positioning yourself as a specialist, not a generalist
  • How to network your way into an industry using professional associations
  • An unusual way to effectively use social media
  • How to leverage local services clubs to positions yourself as an expert and quickly build your list
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