Episode 7: How to Manifest Things in Life, Big and Small

cropped-Randi-Goodman-Interviews-300.jpgLife seems to have a unique, uncanny ability to present us with challenges and throw a monkey wrench in the works.

By learning manifestation, we create wonderful opportunities around us. Some big and life-changing. Others small… like reducing a bus ticket.

Episode 5: Starting out Naked! No List, No Connections and No Marketing Budget.

Audio book podcast cover 300pxThe #1 thing you need to focus on when you are starting with nothing!

An easy mistake that people make and unknowingly break the law.

How to position yourself as an expert!

How to make sure they remember you!

Get more sales by…not selling

Building a network of awesome connections right in your own city….and online

Keeping your connections HOT!

Episode 4: Greg Turner, Building a Profitable Online Brand

Greg Turner podcast coverGreg Turner, Supersize Your Business author & owner of Brand-It Well Digital Marketing Co.

How do you make yourself an authority in your field or industry?

How can you use a tool to share your expertise and land deals that you desire?

Ethical bribes

Social Proof, what does it mean?

Episode 3: Claudia Harvey on How to Close Deals

Claudia Harvey podcast coverClaudia Harvey, Dig It Apparel & Claudia Harvey.com

How did an idea morph into a real business?

How do you present yourself in a professional way to land a deal with a key executive?

You are the one people are buying!!!!

What took you from the corporate world to the entrepreneurial world?

How do you stay focused as an entrepreneur?

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