Episode 10: Charlene Mandelbaum, For the Love of Helping People!

Charlene Mandelbaum shares with us her upbringing and how it brought her to helping others and to the business she is in today.

How being involved with a charity is so rewarding

The benefits of a home based business

Connect with Charlene!

Episode 9: Marc Saltzman, Technology for Dummies

Marc Saltzman, Freelance Journalist and Broadcast, Technology Expert

Why did he get into researching and reporting on technology?

What is the newest technology out there?

Who do you write for and why?

You write a ton of publications and books, what are the topics and what do they provide the readers with?

What would you tell people about trying to get into this industry, is it difficult, are there any tricks to the trade?

Marc’s new book – Apple Watch for Dummies

Twitter handle plug @marc_saltzman – twitter chats

Episode 8: Gordon So ‘I have your back’

Gordon podcast 'I have your back'Gordon So inspires you to be part of the team and make sure everyone knows you are behind them, will support them!  No matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, you have a place on the team, whether it’s sports or business or other!

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