Episode 17: Maria Grazia Bevilacqua, Healing ourselves Naturally

Maria 13_4065_webMaria Grazia Bevilacqua is a doctor of Natural Medicine as well as Humanitarian Services.  She believes the mind is very powerful and can heal many thing.

She is altruistic and travels the world, voluntarily to help others.

How own journey has had many ups and downs and she willingly shares this with us.


Episode 16: Patty Levesque, My soul’s journey to financial freedom and spiritual enlightenment, by following divine guidance

Patty 2013 Bus Card PicPatty has a unique journey and tells all in this enlightening and empowering podcast.

As the first female in the steel industry and having conquered that despite all the hurtles in her way, she now goes after her passion in helping others through their own healing process.


Episode 15: Meri Har-Gil, on Clarity & Focus and going after your dreams

MeriMeri Har-Gil, immigrant to Canada, mother of 4 children and long time wife of a fantastic husband, helped people all her life.  Whether it was back home with personal friends or in the army, or while running her Spa for 25 years, Meri was always the backbone to all around her, helping them through issues they had, somehow SHE was the magnet to go to for help!

Listen to Meri’s story as she tells us of her personal journey and where it has lead her to today, as she actively helps so many people all over the world get clarity and focus in their lives.


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