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Episode 115: Susan Ordona on Book Writing: Knowing Where to Start

By Randi Goodman / last year Play in new window | Download Susan Ordona has found the path in her life.  Limiting beliefs has stopped Susan from achieving her own goals and sees how that affects others as well.  Susan is passionate about writing and publishing books and loves to help people get started, that is usually the first issue […]


Episode 88: Carla McVittie on online marketing issues

By Randi Goodman / last year Play in new window | Download   Carla McVittie talks to us about all the problems people have with trying to market their business online.  They don’t know what platform to be on, what to post there and how to properly represent themselves to drive people to them. Carla has the answers, listen to […]


Episode 27: Shannon Skinner on Believing in ourselves is an ongoing process

By Randi Goodman / a couple of years ago Play in new window | DownloadShannon Skinner talks about growing past your fears, educating yourself and living your passions. With a strong PR business sense, and a broadcasting and speaking career, Shannon is well equipped to offer suggestions and direction in these areas of marketing and promotion. She strongly believes in having the right […]